4 Content Marketing Ideas taken from Big Business Owners

“We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas” (Steve Jobs)

Content marketing is the buzzword nowadays. Due to increased competition in internet, if you are not stealing ideas then you are not thinking up to the level! You need to adopt what’s working for you and put in your business. Through this way, you would be able to dodge those trials and tribulations which are required on practicing new idea. And it will be a smart way to make money on internet without repeating the same mistakes. Yet, it does not mean to copy other ideas exactly instead you can manipulate, emulate or change other ideas according to your business needs and thus make it your own.

There are 6 content marketing ideas taken from big merchandisers.

  1. Test Different Titles On Social Media

This idea was imitated from Amanda Todorovich, Cleveland Clinic. As soon as you publish your first article, analyze your audience response. This can be achieved through using different headlines on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And once you get to know about demand of people, you can edit the title and make it more thought provoking and interesting in post-production.

  1. Create Content Pillars

It is inspired by the idea of Margaret Magnarelli, from Monster.  It emphasize on section content into three pillars. Initial step is to consider the types of content you want to put out. And keep them suitable for audience. Other word to explain would be about your vision to see the world through. For instance, you are business coach then your content pillars would be productivity, leadership and time management.  Through each of these different pillars, you would talk about their differ content.

  1. Treat Your Internal Audience As Distinct Audience

The two gentlemen Dan Briscoe and Skyler Moss from HCSS shared their side of success story. They emphasized on concept of internal customers to treat well.  According to them, it can be done by sharing your business goals and achievement stories in informal way. And letting them aware of what’s going on inside of the business and its marketing.

  1. Bring in The Right To Email Customers

Dusty DiMercurio and his team at Autodesk generated this idea. This idea allows the right to engage with the audience. And it lets you email them the relevant content pieces without going into junk.

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